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Intermediate Search

Our Intermediate Search is tailored for entry-level professionals applying for positions that require 1-3 years of experience. We have developed a comprehensive recruitment approach to ensure that the right talent is identified and presented to our clients.

Mid-Senior Level Search 

Our Mid-Senior Level Search is designed for senior level positions that require 5-10 years of experience. We leverage our extensive network of experienced professionals to find and recommend the right talent to our clients.

Executive Level Search 

Our Executive Level Search is ideal for senior leadership positions with over 10 years of experience. We have a streamlined approach to targeting the most suitable candidates for top-level executives.

Retainer Based Search 

Streamline OnDemand's Retainer Based Search program is an effective recruitment solution for companies looking to fill multiple positions or leverage a third-party search partner to reduce recruitment costs.

Our Retainer Based Search program provides companies with the opportunity to access our industry-leading recruitment solutions while reducing recruitment fees. This program is tailored to companies with an ongoing need for recruitment services and provides clients with a dedicated recruitment team on standby for any role that becomes vacant due to unforeseen circumstances such as an employee resignation or termination.

Our Retainer Based Search program allows companies to focus on core business functions, while we take care of finding the right talent to fill vacancies. Our recruitment experts work closely with our clients to understand their specific recruitment needs and develop a comprehensive recruitment strategy to identify and attract the best talent available in their industry.

Signing Contract

Contingency Based Search

Streamline OnDemand's Contingency Based Search is a flexible recruitment solution designed for companies looking to fill hard-to-find positions with stronger candidates. Our contingency-based search model means that you only pay for our services once we successfully find you the right candidate for your vacant position.

Our recruitment experts work tirelessly to identify the best candidates available in your industry and present them to you for consideration. We leverage our extensive network of professional connections, advanced recruitment technologies, and years of industry experience to help our clients find the best talent available within the candidate pool.

Our Contingency Based Search service ensures that your company receives superior recruitment services, a streamlined recruitment process, and most importantly, the right candidate for the vacant position. We only receive a fee once you choose to hire one of our presented candidates.

At Streamline OnDemand, we are committed to delivering recruitment solutions that help our clients find the best candidates for their vacant roles. Our flexible recruitment solutions are designed to meet your unique recruitment needs and help you find the right talent to drive your business success.

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